During the first week of classes, parents of students ages 3-6 are welcome to sit inside the studio and observe classes.

Following the first week of classes, once your child has had a chance to adjust to his / her new environment, we ask that you please refrain from sitting inside the studio. We find the children are less distracted and pay more attention to the teacher when parents are not in the room.

In an effort to keep our dance floor clean, dry and slip resistant, we respectfully ask that you refrain from entering the classroom in outdoor footwear.

We would also like to request that students bring all of their dance shoes into the classroom with them, rather than coming out halfway through the class to change their shoes. This cuts down on tracking dirt back into the studio. It also saves time and eliminates the possibility of young children getting upset if their parents are not there.

During the week of December 9th-14th 2019, we invite parents to attend regular classes and observe the class routine. This is not a Christmas show, it is simply an opportunity for parents to see what the children are working on and the progress they have made since the beginning of the year.